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Assassin Creed 2 CD Key Cracked Free Download

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Instructions to use Assassin's Creed CD Key Crack:

1.Download the Crack from the above link.

2.Disable your internet connection to prevent any auto update's

3.Install the game using deamon tools(Or Something like that).

4.Once the game is installed DO NOT APPLY CRACK OR START THE GAME

5.In the Crack folder in Map 1 is a file called: InstallAC2Crack , Double click on InstallAC2Crack and install it to the directory where you installed the game.

6.In the Crack folder in map 2 is a file called: Values , place it to the directory where you installed the game.

7.In the Crack folder in map 3 are some more files which you have to place in a map on your C Drive, so not where you installed the game: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher
If you cant find that map just search for Ubisoft Game laucher on your C Drive and place the files there(its the same map as this one (C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher) but maby the map is called different i mean the Program Files ''thing'').

8.On your desktop there should be a shortcut called Play Assassin's Creed II , Double click on that icon.(if you want to change the name from Play Assassin's Creed II to Assassin's Creed II(2) you have to go to your installed map and search for this file: AC2.Launcher_update ,
and make a shortcut of it and place it on your desktop ;-). )

9.Log in with any username u seem fit , IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO PRESS THE REGISTER NOW BUTTON. Once you have logged in you will be able to play the game!. Do not forget the user name and password you entered as this will be used to continue your progress in the game.

10.There is place where Leonardo will give u the blade and the game stands still and you think its not gonna work any more. JUST PRESS NUMBER 2 ON YOUR KEYBOARD AND THE GAME WILL CONTINUE!

Like in the first game, Assassin's Creed II occurs across two timelines: a modern-day chronology starring bartender Desmond Miles, and another featuring one of Desmond's ancestors. When you start the game, you'll catch up with Desmond right where the original left him, though as fans of the original can guess, the Abstergo labs are no longer a safe haven. You'll spend a bit of time with Desmond during the course of the game, though the shoes you most frequently fill are those of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the charmingly impetuous son of a 15th-century Italian banker. Ezio is an instantly likable firebrand, as passionate about family and honor as he is about wine and women. When you first meet him, Ezio is living a carefree life and has not yet donned his assassin's robe, nor is he familiar with the creed. However, Ezio's devil-may-care freedom is soon cut short by murder and betrayal instigated by the assassins' greatest threat: the Templars.
Assassin's Creed's Altair was an interesting character, but only for the stealthy order he represented, not because you ever got to know the man under the white hood. Ezio is far more appealing, for he's not just quick with a secret blade, but he's a fully realized protagonist. He isn't at the mercy of the plot, but rather, the narrative evolves from his need to uncover the truth behind his sorrows. It's the personal nature of the narrative that makes Assassin's Creed II's story more compelling than its predecessor's. The few modern-day segments featuring Desmond pack a lot more punch this time around as well, and the conspiracies driving that story arc become a lot clearer and, as a result, more provocative. While the original ended on a vague and unsatisfying note, the latest chapter's climax is downright electrifying.
Ezio isn't Assassin's Creed II's only headliner. The Italy he inhabits is a character in and of itself, filled with visual and sonic details that infuse the world with life and elegance. The cities you explore--Florence, Venice, and more--are larger and more detailed than the environs of the first game. Citizens go about their daily lives, and they look authentic doing so. Merchants sweep the street in front of their shops; small groups stroll along, making conversation with each other; and courtesans smirk and cajole as you pass by. These folks aren't cookie-cutter character models. They are dressed differently enough from each other and are animated so expressively that it's as if the population would go about its business with or without your presence. More impressive are the cityscapes themselves as they unfold in front of you, inviting you to take in their splendor. This is an incredibly good-looking game: the lighting is sumptuous, the draw distance is vast, and textures are crisp. The PlayStation 3 version does suffer from some frame rate jitters, more frequent texture fade-in, and lesser color saturation. Both versions are still attractive, however, and apart from a few small flaws, you rarely get the feeling that visual compromises were made to make the game's open world run smoothly.


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